Games you have found that minimize the P2W


May 5, 2017
Since getting a tablet, I have been trying out more and more mobile games. I enjoy not being stuck at a desk tethered to my desktop, or managing my laptop, which is more mobile, but far less so than the tablet (and phone, since you can play on both). While I have bought a number of paid games (KOTOR, Baldur's Gate, Crashlands, FFVI), it seems a large amount of the games out there for mobile are free, with the IAPs being where the "paid" occurs, especially the games that are the "quick hit, time waster" type.

I had been playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for quite a while, but just got frustrated with how the game drives users to pay. Even when you do pay, you are either hugely overpaying for a single item, or buying "crystals" that you use in the rigged slot machine that gives you a chance to get something you want (or at a quantity that is actually useful), but rarely actually does so. As I looked for other games to play, this seems to be quite common. Users don't really find the pay wall until they are already deep in the game, once you have already been sucked into the game.

TLDR: I wanted to see if anyone had found any games out there that are actually good, and can be fully experienced/enjoyed without having to rely upon buying stuff.
Well, Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes have pay options...but they aren't necessary to be good at the games.
I found Eternium, and while you can buy "gems", you get so many just from playing (they drop fairly frequently, as well do loot crates, which allow you to watch a 30 second ad for 5 gems) that I have had enough to buy just about everything for all of my characters. I think eventually i may get bored of it, but so far I am enjoying it as an escape.