Games with Controller Support and Integrated Graphics?


Limp Gawd
Jan 4, 2013
Are there any good games that utilizes the Xbox controller natively and can be played on mobile devices (i.e. Surface tablet, laptop, and book) with integrated graphics? Something to pass the time.
Almost all older indie games are at least playable at 720/1080p on integrated graphics. Do you have a preference on the types of games?

Games on Steam will tell you if they have Controller support or not, but if they do, the default is always the Xbox controller.

Some of my favorite games to play on Integrated Graphics:

Battleblock Theatre
Papo and Yo'
Rocket League
Life is Strange

You should be able to run even more demanding recent games on integrated, but don't be surprised when you're forced to turn all the options down to low And resolution down to 640x480).
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