Gameing chair suggestions


Limp Gawd
Jan 16, 2015
What is a good quality gaming chair that also won't break the bank and any good mat I can get to protect my hard wood floor
Honestly, for the price of the "gaming chairs", just buy a used Aeron or something. Higher quality, lifetime warranty, and it won't stick out in any setting.

As for a floor mat - Ikea, Office Depot, Costco, etc... all sell floor protectors. They're usually $10-15.
What is a good quality gaming chair that also won't break the bank and any good mat I can get to protect my hard wood floor

Gaming chairs are mostly a marketing gimmick, designed to take a few hundred dollars out of your wallet (I didn't think so, until I tried out a few -- including brands like DX Racer -- at friends' homes over the last couple of years -- yeah, gimmicky).

I've been using this chair over the last few months, and it's a good "bang-for-buck", even if it's no Aeron (or others in the Aeron's range):
The amount of customization features on that chair make it super supportive, and pretty comfortable, for long-term use. It's not as plush as some, but the back support is really nice (and very adjustable).

Your best discount bet would be to go to a genuine furniture warehouse and get a Aeron in almost-new condition -- they can sometimes go for as low as $100 in near-mint condition (I've personally seen a few in that range).

The better (or, those having a larger surface area) plastic protective mats will cost you around $40+.
As someone who owns a DX Racer, I can say firsthand that they're not worth it. It isn't a bad chair, it's fine, but I was just as happy in my $100 Office Depot chair I had before. If you have the budget for a branded chair, look into a higher-quality office chair that will offer you better support. Assuming you spend a large portion of your day at your desk, ergonomics will always trump aesthetics in the long run.

If you do really want to go with a "gaming" chair brand, I will advise you to buy one size up from what you think your size will be. I bought my DX Racer according to height, but my shoulders are too broad and my thighs are too big for the chair recommended for my height. Makes for a very uncomfortable experience after the first hour or so. Also, don't just think DX Racer is the best in the space, there are other similar brands doing chairs just as well as DX. Personally, I'd look at Maxnomic before DX or others.
I have a DX Racer "racing series" chair for the past few months, I've honestly really liked it, granted I don't sit in it for 8 hours at a time, it's comfortable has nice lumbar support. But I think you really need to test a bunch of chairs before buying if possible.
Dxracer has a sale going on at the moment. I live in Michigan and ended up going out to their warehouse and picking my chair out. After trying them all out my choices came down to the sentinel or "m" series office chair. I ended up going with the sentinel and it's held up very well with my kids and I both using it daily for the last year. If your going to buy a gamer chair I'd recommend finding a model without the "wings" in the seating portion as it tends to pinch your legs if you move around much.

I ditched my old serta chair a Jennings smart layers "put it in storage" picked up this one which is smaller so you don't get as lazy in it and your back will be deformed no time flat.
This new Verona chair is really nice it's like a 1/2 size of my old chair plus it goes up higher with the hydraulics so it's better for mouse movements on the table along with typing.
If you get a chair with a really long deep seat prepared to become lazy in it and your will get a highback chair spine in a matters of a few years. I tried Mesh chairs they break too fast the mesh does. Small chairs make me constipated LOL I have some really fucking small chairs I kept the bigger of the two.
I recently purchased a Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair, and I can say it's pretty good. I don't sit on it for 10 hours straight, but I sit on it every day for a couple of hours. I like the small lumbar cushion for my lower back. It reclines from 90 to 180 degree, it's nicely designed, and on top of that, it doesn't cost a fortune.

Here is a good article that might help you choose the right gaming chair

Good luck on your search!