Game/ statistics server


Jan 10, 2009
I'm looking to host an old school throw back LAN party (except over the internet, but in LAN party style). I'd like a web server as a central means of tracking player/ server statistics. I plan on pword protecting each game server, so the site would provide the password, connection details (ip address and port).

Can anyone assist me with setting up a web server that is fed from my Q3A and Q3A RA servers and perhaps CS. Player statistics would be the main purpose.

I would like players to have to register for the site, and whatever name they use at the site, they have to use in game. I know that there is no way to technically control this, but that would be a goal I'd like to achieve (click to launch like old school GameSpy used to do could be cool, but not necessary).

I plan to host the webserver and each game server in a vitalized environment in my lab.

I know these types of websites were all over the place years ago, and I'm hoping this is an easy request.
Thanks modi! I'll look through all these links. I knew this had been done, however my previous searches were not successful.