Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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The tracking number of a package I just sent (I don't think the buyer would want me sharing the number itself...).
Merry Christmas!


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lol.... here is my clip board, this is from another forum but I removed the names..

****** said:
If there was Audi cock out there, it would be between your lips.

So long as it didn't have a pair of westicles hanging off it. LOL ;) I just love to mess with you guys on here since you are (mostly) all such BMW nuts :p

****** said:
To tow to the lake and back every weekend? Ya anything over a 210 starts to get big.

Well of course not. In any case I'm a sailboat guy and they tend to be heavy and tall so towing them with even a big pickup would not be fun unless they have a dropkeel but that would pretty much restrict you to 25ft and smaller or so. Gotta get yourself a slip at the marina! Not really worth it just at a lake tho :/ Well, a cigarette boat on lake powell might be fun, but again pretty hard to tow, and forget trying to ski behind it. I remember being able to hear those fuckers when they were MILES away. Twin 400-500+inch straight piped V8's, occasionally supercharged too, mmmm.

Back in CT we had a Catalina 30, weighed about 5 tons, drew about 5.5 ft, and it was one of the smaller boats in the marina. I considered 45-50+ft to be a 'big' boat heh.
1. Visit the web site of the American Correctional Association at

Click on "Accreditation" to go to the Standards and Accreditation Online Resource Center. Choose among the topics to learn more about the accreditation process. Share with the class three important topics and explain what you have learned.

The Accreditation Process:

The American Correctional Association is a organization that accredits correctional facilities by ensuring that they are up to national standards. The ACA is the largest correctional association in the world; approximately 80 percent of all state departments of corrections and youth services are active participants. To become accredited, the agency must start off by contacting the ACA to obtain the necessary materials to implement the accreditation process. After contact has been made the two agencies will work together to determine standards and then form a contract. After signing a contract the ACA will send the facility appropriate manual and standards. A regional manager will be appointed to help the facility during the process and the facility will begin its part of the process by appointing an accreditation manager. The accreditation manager will be in charge of getting the facility ready for audit. Before the facility can be audited the facility must submit a Self Evaluation Report, the report is basically a report card on how the facilities feels about their standards compared to ACA standards.
Once the audit is complete, the findings will be reported to the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections (CAC) and the ACA. If the facility is found to be compliant, the ACA will schedule a hearing to become accredited, if not, the facility must correct the problems before the accreditation can be evaluated. After the facility has been accredited, the facility will be publicly recognized for its outstanding efforts. Furthermore, they will have to submit an annual certification report, and every 3 years the facility must be reaccredited.
The whole process usually takes around 18 months to complete, if the facility passes audit the first time. The ACA has identified 7 advantages and benefits of being accredited; The assessment of a facility's strengths and weaknesses, the identification of obtainable goals, the implementation of state-of-the-art policies and procedures, the establishment of specific guidelines for daily operations, an increase of community support, a higher level of staff professionalism and morale, and aid in the defense of frivolous lawsuit.
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