Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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Two video cards are better than one because it makes my e-pen0r twice as big...
Why are two videocards better than one? What kind of silly question is that! Two of anything is better than one. One beer: good, two beers: better. One burger: good, two burgers: better. One girlfriend: good two girl... oh wait I guess it doesn't work in that case :D.
More processing power = more performance.

Of course, the software/drivers need to be done right in order to take advantage of it.
I'm still running my old 295, I'd love something newer like this, something that will let me do some dx11
I gotta puss out... I'm a bigger fan of 1 card setups. I guess if you have gobs of money to throw at your rig and bought the best card you could find... 2 would definitely be a plus in terms of performance.
They are better if you are looking for better performance at a higher resolution.
More components are always better. I'm fairly certain that it's a part of the [H]ard creed... or something.
Mintberry Crunch!

Oh- also more bester two cards are!

Sleep would be good!
two video cards are good, but have you ever heard of, um how do you say, menage a trois?
It's getting cold in my computer room. Anything I can do to add more BTUs will be a plus.
Two is especially better than one when I can retire my current card to the wife's computer. :D
Two are better since GTX 275s in SLI is better than a Radeon 6870 (Not by much but still) so SLI must = better :D They are also better for folding moar powah = moar science. That and maybe they will keep me warm, it dropped to -2 the other night.
The sharing of the processing load over 2 graphics cards allows data to flow smoother and doesn't cause a bottleneck. It processes that much faster!
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