Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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Mathmatical proof of 2 being better than one.
1+1 = 2
2 > 1

Or as spoken aloud: "Two is greater than one."

"Greater" is often a synonym of "Better"

Therefore, 2 is better than 1.

As in "2 GTX 460's are Better than 1 GTX 460".
Would be great to try a sli setup, been thinking about getting a 3 screen setup for some time.
i like 2 cause it reminds me of doublemint comercials, and 2 are better then one. plus if one dies, you got a spare until RMA services sends you another card. and u have 2 heaters heating ur room in winter.
Two is good.

I only want to win once, just once..........come on, man.:D
Bottom line is that two video cards can perform much better than one. And in the case of these GTX 460s they really perform quite well. Two of these represents one of the best values in gaming performance you can find.

And kudos to [H]ardOCP, and Galaxy, for making this set of cards available in a contest. :)
Two video cards are better than one because they will force me to invest in a better power supply, thus stimulating the economy and making this the gift that keeps on giving!
Double your pleasure
Double your fun
It's the right one
The Doublemint gum
Refreshen your life mint
It's the right mint
The Doublemint gum, gum
Double your pleasure
With Doublemint Doublemint gum!
Two cards are better than one because of off loading and multiple processing and I want them now
dual video cards allows you to crank up the settings at higher resolutions for major eye candy :)

Thanks [H] for being there for me.I'm due for an upgrade,this would be a good start.
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