Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

I dig their cooling solutions. Not only are they effective but they look great as well.
The great thing about the Galaxy is that you need to learn everything ONLY ONCE, and then you know all that you will ever need to know. And their video cards look good, too.
Galaxy cards match good looks with high function, would love a new card to put into a new machine!
I like them because they are sponsoring a card to give away!
I have always went with the mainstream Evga GPUs, its time I tried others..

Galaxy is a strong company with good designs and efficient cooling tech
This would be a great card for my secondary rig. I have never owned a Galaxy card but the have a great reputation.
Never owned a Galaxy card but judging by their reputation around the forums here I think they are a great company that stands by their product and would be more than willing to consider them for future hardware purchases.
im currently running a galaxy video card...its been running strong and reliably

i wouldnt mind having another
I actually like that there cards are becoming more like the higher end companies.. better pizzazz!!!

I like Galaxy because they try different products. Single slot, modular cooling fans, high overclocks...

Quirky is good.
Iv never owned a Galaxy card, but iv read great things! In the rare cases that bad things happen, I know they will make things right. Every time I read of a person on this forum having an issue with their Galaxy card, the Galaxy rep on this forum is always quick to respond and help out. From rebates to tech support, they make it right and have excellent customer service. Having a Galaxy card in my system would be Awesome!
ive only owned 1 GT 430 by galaxy but i hope to change that in the future.
Its a great card and runs physx in my hybrid setup pretty well!
This year was my first purchase of a Galaxy card, the GTX680 4GB card. I was very impressed. I had never heard of Galaxy before, but the card was so good I recommended it to my friends, and we have built several machines so far with no problems at all. Galaxy has a new customer for their. Me!
Awesome designs. Galaxy is making some of this generations best GPUs.
I like Galaxy because my GTS 450 from them has been running strong in my HTPC for years now =)