Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

Galaxy has always been a quality manufacturer, and a brand I can trust.
I had a Galaxy 580 MDT and loved it. Great performing 580 with non reference power circuitry and cooling solution, and yet was a 2 slot card rather than a 3 slot like many of Asus's cards. It looked great too and I really miss how well it lit up my case in the spot it once resided, but unfortunately I had to upgrade to the newer 600 series.
The 580 MDT was my first Galaxy card and I was quite impressed.
I have purchased several galaxy video cards and found them to be exceptional cards. I have also recommended the Galaxy brand to people who look to me for hardware advice and I have never had a disappointed client. Just a great product.
Galaxy Gpu's have great looking coolers and great performance right out of the gate!
I love holiday giveaways, so thank you to Galaxy for a shot at a great prize!
I have never owned a Galaxy product and would like a free sample to see what they're all about.

So what I like about Galaxy is that they give out free stuff!
I love Galaxy and their video cards because they are a top notch company and they give us excellent support here at the [H] .
Never used a Galaxy card, but you guys always have innovate coolers that I would like to try out :D
Galaxy has always been top notch tier in graphics and their costumer service and RMA department always try to help you as fast and nicely as possible.