Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

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They make great cards and Galaxy engage with the enthusiast community with great competitions like this
All cards of the same model are basically the same to me so I like their pricing.
Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 are just the best. Galaxy goes to extremes to make the best and end up looking the best in the process. Plus it would look sweet next to my Galaxy GTX 680 :D
they make it possible for poor white trash like me to possibly drive a rolls royce with these give aways ...

"champagne wishes and caviar dreams"
Galaxy has crazy good cards, and cmon, I live in Vegas... Please let this be my lucky week, hahaha.
Galaxy has great customer service! Also love these giveaways! Thanks Galaxy and [H].
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You'll Want to Buy One
Great prices and even better designs! What's not to love? Plus my EVGA GTX285 has died and I think a switch to Galaxy might be in order.
I need a new video card cause I just got fired at work so I got plenty of time to use it.
Don't need Hubble to see the power of GALAXY!

(flip up fan on my galaxy is awesome too)
Please, just give me the damn card.........every stinking holiday I ask baby jesus for just one depression is at an all time low.....13 has to be lucky for something or someone.......come on man.......:D
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