Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

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Great performance and value, and awesome support of the hardware junky community!
Galaxy is doing a great job of giving a lot of variety, customer service, and good warranty. Plus they are putting out some fresh designs for their products. Really nice to see a new quality company in the video card industry.
I have heard nothing but good things about GALAXY. They have a great product selection and awesome customer service!
I like galaxy's ever expanding catalog of competitively priced video cards.
The very first actual graphics card I ever owned was made by Galaxy. It was an excellent product then, and I'd love to have another.
As I have said before excellent cards, outstanding coolers, and great customer service.
I have had a few Galaxy cards over the years and I can say Galaxy has pretty solid products as well as great customer service and support.
Galaxy's active involvement with the community makes them a comfortable buy anytime! Great cards!
I have yet to own a Galaxy card, but they offer a good value, and apparently take care of their customers. :)
Another week, another chance to win a great card from Galaxy.
I feel like a broken record but I really love my Galaxy gtx 660. Since I bought mine a few weeks ago, I've build 5 machines using cards from Galaxy. Great cards, great support, everything someone like me needs to look for when building systems.
What a sweet looking card. I need this.

Thanks Galaxy... I really like the fact that you guys are giving to the community!
Ooooh a 670... Galaxy, I like you backwards, forwards, sideways, frontways, and backways.

Sexy, sexy cards!
I have a 670 and I have a Galaxy 650ti... combining the two to create Voltro... er, a Galaxy 670 would be rad.
Galaxy is awesome because they run cool support dudes on forums like [H]. I also really like their recent "GC" cooler designs!
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