Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

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The fact that Galaxy has a Rep on [H] that is very attentive and the dual fan cards just look cool. :)
Great cooling from custom coolers that look great through case windows
Love me some Galaxy graphics cards. Always reliable, solid 3 year warranty and excellent support, especially here at [H]. Have owned a Galaxy GTX580 and 660 and would love a awesome 670 to find a home in the gaming rig.
I love video games. That said, I just don't have the time or money anymore, between my full time job, my family, and trying to keep it all running smoothly.

What little time I do have, I'd like to use without having to fiddle with settings to try to squeek out an extra 3% increase in framerate on my aging hardware. Looking at what the GALAXY GeForce GTX 670 GC offers, it's hard for me not to be excited. Not only is it extremely powerful for the price point, it comes with the Xtreme Tuner Plus overclocking program, which is WAY better than fiddling in BIOS settings and having to constantly restart the machine to test it.

Looking at all of the reviews for the GeForce GTX 670 GC, it's hard not to come away impressed with the feature set (5 displays off of one video card!), the efficient power draw (which HardOCP says directly corresponds to a better playing experience!), and the raw proccessing power the card provides (2560x1600 with all settings Medium/High with AA!).

Man, getting this video card would make my year :)
I thing the gold [H] rather sums the situation up

lucky 5 c'mon
Never used Galaxy before, but reviews have been generally very good and I sure could use an upgrade from my 4850!
Galaxy has some of the BEST customer support I've ever dealt with! And that card is just...just...*cries* so beautiful.
Custom graphic cards like the "Galaxy GeForce GTX 670 GC 2GB Video Card (Dual Fan Version)" for the gaming enthusiast.
Galaxy's increased Christmas spirit, having expanded their [H} Christmas Giveaways to 6 weeks, from the only 4 weeks of last year.
I like Galaxy's designs. They produce beautiful cards with white PCBs, coolers with swappable fans, cards that support MDT, and cards for Wi-Di. That's pretty exceptional and I like supporting a company that's all about supporting me.
They support the [H] and the enthusiast community, not to mention have reliable hardware.
Galaxy's innovative cooling designs and competitive price point make their cards favorable in the computer enthusiast market.
I like these.
These are cards that work. This is a company that good.

"Faster than the competition" - Some guy

"Great Value !" - Broke friend

"Now my BF won't get off the PC!" - My imaginary girlfriend.
The Galaxy rep here has alot of actual knowledge, and helps out even when the card in question isn't galaxy branded. Good enough for me to give them a shot.
I like the fact they are giving away a damn good product every week for the month of December, no one else is promoting themselves like this, great company great product that I haven't anything but good things about.
These cards keep getting better. Great reliability and cooling solutions on these cards. Would be a welcome upgrade!
Because the name is cool, why else?

Oh, yea, and they support the [H]!
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