Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

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Galaxy cards are great, I already own a galaxy 670 and would love to have another to run sli!!
The dual fans and nickel plated heat pipes are a eye pleaser and the fact that it is OC'd from the factory screams performance!!

thanks for the opportunity on a awesome product.
Galaxy is a sweet name.

Something involving "universe" wouldn't fit as well as Galaxy.
Don't know that I've ever used a Galaxy card before, but this one appears to have plenty of outputs and a good cooler design.
This week's drawing should have taken place almost a week ago. What happened to the week 6 drawing?
I have personally never owned a Galaxy brand graphics card and that is simply because when i look at graphics cards i always go with the bigger names. I honestly would never purchase from Galaxy as of right now, but maybe if I had the time to sit down with the graphics card and see the hard work put into it....My prejudices would go away and since you guys have awesome prices on your GPU's, you could count me as another customer.
Cards look great and have great cooling designs

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This is now closed! Winner will be notified via PM and email on 1/2/13.
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