Galaxy 5th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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Half Life 2 is number 1

Not quite sure about number 2? Much more difficult to decide that one.
Original Call of Duty (and the expansion)

Half Life 2

Not necessarily in that order.
BF2 and COD4. Two games I played really competitively, and love oh so much :)
Battlefield and Call of Duty. Its my birthday on the 24th maybe I,ll get lucky.Good luck to all and Merry Christmas ahead of time!
If we go by time played, its Battlefield 1942 and Quake 3. Nowadays, TF2 thrills me on a good server with my buds and they then kick my ass in L4D2, but it's always a good time! LOL!
original Half-Life (it is what got me started messing around with computer innards)
STALKER SOC ( I know it is buggier than hell but something about it keeps bringing me back)
I love Half-Life, played it shortly after release.

And while it has it's problems, Borderlands is quite the nice merging of RPG and FPS.

Does that count? :D

Oh alright...Crysis series and FEAR series I guess. Technically more than two but hey...the Crysis ones are technically the same game! lol
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