Ga-x58a-ud3r bios update - @BIOS

Jul 29, 2021
I have an old workstation with an ga-x58a-ud3r and X5560 wich I wanted to upgrade to an 980x. Since the installed bios version does not support it I need to update it - So far so good. The only problem that arises ist, that q-flash (the build-in updater) does only support 1mb flashing operations and can't cope with the newer bios versions since all after 2011 are 2mb in size.
Two pain staking hours of google research as well as trial and error I now know that you could theoretically use Gigabyte Bios to flash the 2mb although you naturally can't get it anywhere because it is unsupported for nearly 11 years.

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a x58 version of Bios or knows of an alternative method?
I of course could desolder the spi chip and flash it manually but I suspect the bios needs to be split up between the two and I don't want to try dozens of configurations. Therefore I would be very grateful for any of your suggestions.

*I looked up the SPI chip and it should have a capacity of 16mib and therefore be sufficient to hold 2mib on it's own (I just don't know whether the mobo supports it).
If your board has a very old BIOS version that only recognizes 1 MB, then you will have to flash the BIOS in DOS (not Windows' Command Prompt mode) or use the Windows version of "@ BIOS". The DOS file is called "FLASHSPI.EXE". That file should be extracted along with the BIOS file. The Windows version of "@ BIOS" is a separate download. under the "Utilities" tab.
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