G213 Prodigy RGB Owners?


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Feb 19, 2008
I was looking at picking up a Logitech G213 RGB. I want to be able to adjust the lights without software.

Some of the other Logitech keyboards you can simultaneously hold the light button and press 1-0 number keys to make changes to the lights.

Can someone with the G213 confirm what changes can be made with this method?


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Jun 22, 2001
This is an old thread, but just picked one of these up on sale for 34.95 as a spare. Like OP I did not want to have to install the software to change the RGB. It can be done on the KB by pressing the backlight key on, then press and hold it while hitting number keys 1 - 0 for the different selections.

EDIT - a note after some use. It doesn't like being plugged into a USB switch, at least as far as the backlights are concerned. When the system is first powered on the backlight does not work, but the keys/keyboard do. If the switch is toggled on the USB switch the lights come back on but it doesn't remember the last setting and is back to default.
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