Fujitsu Document Leaks More 9th Gen Intel CPUs


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Mar 3, 2018
A motherboard and processor compatibility document straight from Fujitsu's website has reportedly unveiled several previously unannounced 9th Generation Intel Core processors. The document was quickly taken down, but according to the screenshots other media outlets managed to capture, many CPUs in the existing lineup are getting an "F" variant with a disabled IGP and a "T" variant with a lower TDP.

Intel is allegedly squeezing the fully enabled 8-core Coffee Lake die into a 35W TDP with the Core i9-9900T, while the Celeron G4390 even has a low power variant. Meanwhile, the 2 core, 4 thread, Pentium G5600 is getting an IGP-less SKU, which will presumably target affordable gaming desktops with discrete GPUs.
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Over here in Europe, with VAT included, the i5-9600K is the equivalent of $350, while the i7-9700K is $525 and the i9-9900K is $595. It makes zero sense to get anything but the reasonably future-proofed i9. The i5 should have been a 12-thread part for it to make sense at those prices. I bet the unlocked i3 will also be overpriced.
That 35W i9 9900T is only supposed to have a base clock of 1.7Ghz.

What a joke.

Yeah it can boost fairly high but it'll become thermally limited so quickly, even with just the single core boost, that it hardly matters.

All I can think of is that they're scavenging dies that don't clock so well but still work at low speeds to keep their average selling prices up.