FT Alienware Alpha i3, 8GB, 500GB SSD LF NAS


Limp Gawd
Jun 1, 2008
Hey guys, looking to get rid of my spare Alienware Alpha as I've found the Steam Link to be sufficient for my needs. Primarily looking to trade for a NAS solution such as a drobo or synology. If you have interest otherwise, feel free to send an offer.

It's the 2.9GHz i3, upgraded to 8GB ram, and 500GB Samsung EVO. Has some scratching to the glossy finish unfortunately, but otherwise comes with everything it originally did with exception of the original HDD and 2 AA batteries for the controller. HDMI is an Amazon Basics replacement, other one is probably still hooked up in my setup somewhere

If you're interested let me know what you want done with the OS. I can leave it at the upgraded Win 10 or work on reverting it to the stock Win 8 image it shipped with..