FT: 7950X for a 7950X3D


Jun 30, 2000
I built a 7950X mini-ITX machine 5 months ago, and the machine runs great. But since i am running it at lower clock speed/voltage in order to keep the temp down, i figured i might as well get the 7950X3D now that it is available.

If anyone has a 7950X3D and wants to overclock, i'll trade you so you have that extra runway for performance. I still have the retail box and packaging for the 7950X, if that matters. Let me know.
fyi you can run the 7950x in 65W Eco Mode and 105W Eco mode and get all the advantages and temps plus higher clocks than the 7950x3d , you just lose the cache but for games that are AAA with a 4080 or 4090 you wouldn't see a difference. good luck