FS: Zotac AMP Maxx RTX 2080 - $420 Shipped - Please read

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Sep 12, 2012
This is a refurb twin fan model that is in mint condition I bought from the Zotac store. The fans are noisy on this model (They are not defective) but it seems that Zotac has issues with the noise of their fans on some models. The heatsink is quite small so it requires pretty hefty 100mm fans to do the job. If you set the fan curve up in afterburner you can definitely help with the noise issue by reducing the times the fans have to wind up constantly. I already repasted it and the temperatures are dependent on case airflow but it runs around 78c gaming at round 65% fan speed.

I noted the fan noise here -

Reviews of the Zotac AMP Super all over Amazon also note this as well. (uses the same cooler)

If you want a really cheap 2080 and you don't mind a little noise or you want to replace the fans with a different model, then this is for you. Ironically this card has no coil whine.

I figured I would give someone a shot here before I attempt to return to Zotac for a refund. I fully tested this card to be stable.

Heatware under SLK

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