FS: Various 1070's and 1060's(6GB Editions)/Amazon Echo/AKG Headphones


Oct 3, 2006
Hi my Doods!
I have to start clearing out some of these cards!
Paypal or local cash
Shipping out of Arizona
Heat is under dirksquarejaw

https://imgur.com/7OqcVaV All cards
EVGA is the SC edition.

https://imgur.com/oybIlyR 1060's(top one sold locally)

https://imgur.com/O9z8WJ4 echo/headphones and day dream

1070's are $245.00 plus shipping. Shipping is $15 per card **price drop**

1060's are $160.00 plus shipping. Shipping is $15 per card **price drop**

GPU's have been mined with. They were under A/C and added air circulation. Cards were undervolted and ran under 70c.

All of the cards come with their respective boxes. Some of the cards have different boxes to them(some of the gigabyte cards) EVGA Doesn't have a box.

**ASUS STRIX SOLD** /u/ CapnCrunch10 locally

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo with Remote. Has been on a shelf since upgrading my house to google. The Echo has a piece of plastic chipped off of it(see picture) doesn't effect the unit at all.

https://imgur.com/Dcd5kwH Echo Chip

https://imgur.com/yNLBHR9 Echo Chip pic 2

Time Stamp of the items https://imgur.com/a/XaheI

$65.00 shipped

AKG240 Studio

https://imgur.com/10HRQJA headphones opened up

Loved these headphones. They have been upgraded to the Velvet Cushions(originals in the box as well) Got a smoking deal on some Philips cans was the only reason for selling them.



$55.00 Shipped

PM me before messaging me please. If my prices are out of line, everything OBO.

I have over 100 positive heatware transactions, peace of mind is huge these days.
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