FS: Sony Cameras and Lenses! - A7RII, 35mm f/2.8

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Sep 24, 2001

Why does any full time photographer/cinematographer sell his camera equipment? Why to upgrade of course!
All of this stuff was used professionally to build my business. And while it was definitely taken care of (protect the money makers!) they were also definitely used. People looking for mint need not apply here (except the 35mm, which is pretty darn close).

Paypal F&F or you pay fees. Venmo also accepted. Local pickup + Cash preferred in 91711. I'll ship via any method you want as you're going to be paying for it. All items will be double boxed (in the case of items with a box) and/or heavily bubble wrapped.

Sony A7r II / A7r 2 + Extras! - $OLD!
Works perfectly. Has minor body wear throughout. Some wear through the finish (notably on the control dials, the edges of the camera, and on the "pentaprism"). Some wear on the grip. But all of this type of wear is more or less unavoidable over time with Sony cameras. I have used the official Sony screen protector for the entire time I've owned it.
I have placed gaff tape all over the camera to black it out and protect the finish. As like I mentioned, the Sony finish doesn't wear well.

Comes with:
-The camera
-Box and all original paper work including the unused Sony battery charger, unused HDMI support, unused strap, unused Sony wallplug
-6 Batteries
-2x RavPower Chargers
-Neewer L-Plate (honestly garbage, but its gotten the job done for as long as I've owned the camera)

Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 ZA Sonnar T FE Lens - $OLD!
This is a really cool lens because of how compact and small it is. It can be easily be carried on a small camera body all day without concern for weight - it's also tack sharp. The last image is an illustation of how small it is on the a6500. Great for travel and street photography, but of course works well in any situation that any other 35mm would.

Works perfectly. The glass is perfect. The body is perfect. This lens is super clean and near mint. There is only minor wear I can see is to the serial number (Sony's serial number stickers are notoriously easy to get wear on). But other than that it would be a struggle to see wear on this lens.

Comes with:
-Box and all original paper work
-Lens hood
-Both original Sony Caps
-Heliopan UV Filter

Sony a6500 + SmallRig Cage + Batteries - $OLD
Primarily used for video as my primary video camera. Worked well for its intended purpose. Selling to move exclusively to full frame.

Works perfectly. Has minor body wear throughout. Some wear through the finish (notably on the control dials). But this is more or less unavoidable over time with Sony cameras.

Comes with:
-Sony a6500, all original items in the box, including all original paper work and the bag the camera comes in (not pictured). Even the strap, which is unused.
-SmallRig Camera Cage (1889) and wooden handle (1970)
-5x Batteries
-RavPower dual battery charger (in case you aren't aware, Sony doesn't provide a battery charger for the a6500, they expect you to charge your camera through a USB cable).
-BM Premium Charger (Just another battery charger).
The other item pictured is the official Sony wall plug which does come with the camera instead of battery chargers (unused).

Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS E-mount Lens - $OLD
Probably the best wide angle lens on Sony for APSC. The OSS + IBIS combination as well as being a wide angle make this lens way more "hand-holdable" than a lot of other options.

Works perfectly. The glass is perfect. Has minor body wear throughout. The specs are just dust.

Comes with:
-Lens hood
-Both original Sony Caps
-B+W 010M UV Filter (not pictured)


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