FS: Sony A7ii + Zeiss 24-70


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Aug 9, 2013

Changing my workflow and some equipment up.

For sale is my trusty A7ii + Zeiss 24-70 F4 OSS. [H]ardForum special: genuine AC/DC Adapter, NIB wall charger, 32GB Samsung SDcard.

Shutter actuations made up to file DSC07178.ARW: 3915
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0032 = 75
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0033 = 15
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0034 = 0
(65536 * 0) + (256 * 15) + 75 = 3915

Camera and lens are in awesome shape, everything works perfect as it should. New genuine Sony battery (lost old one). U.S.A. retail versions! NOT GREY MARKET like alot of the ones on eBay are. I have the boxes for everything.

Kit: $1750 shipped U.S.A.

(only) Camera: $1145 shipped
(only Lens: $759 shipped

Cellphone potato pics

Sample Videos (after compression for Youtube)
Sample Pictures

eBay Feedback
Website nfc-systems.com

Any questions, just ask! Thanks for looking.
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Why are you selling? I thought the Sony's were the new hotness. I'm a Canon shooter myself and have thought about making the switch but I just love the long battery life of a full size DSLR with the extended battery grip. Alot of my friends who have made the Sony switch really only complain about the battery life - everything else is pretty much great. Anyway - free bump for you :)
sakerfalcon, the factory replace-for-free warranty is pretty short and is expired, both on the lens and camera. However, you can send it off to be repaired if you are U.S.

I just sold the camera, the lens is still available.

Thanks for the bump, dvsman! I'm a former Canon shooter and have been working with Sony for the past five or so years. Sometimes I need to get different models because I work with an OEM that builds recorders/encoders and I need a camera that can do 4k to test things. I'd keep the lens because I don't have money to go to a A7rii...so I'm "downgrading" to an a6300 for now and going to get an APSC lens, like the Sony E 16-70mm f/4. Speaking of which, I'll swap for that lens, but the likelyhood of someone having it here is slim.

Thanks again guys!