Limp Gawd
Aug 12, 2011
I ordered a Ryzen 3 2200G w/Wraith Spire Cooler, but may no longer need it. It is BNIB and receipt can be supplied upon purchase.

These go for around $110 w/tax, more if you have to pay shipping. I am selling it for $95 shipped (CONUS). Google Wallet or PP FF.

Man, I came so close to buying one of these last week when I was fishing for parts to build a third 'cheaper' kid's gaming PC. But really I wanted an excuse to just check out the new integrated Vega GPU... I think it's really going to be a turning point for CPU integrated graphics. Things haven't been this exciting in the CPU market since the old Socket A athlon days!

Good luck, I doubt you'll have much of a problem selling this guy! :)
Looking for anything in trade?
Wanna build a new PC but need to move some other stuff first
I would like to offer a 4TB western digital red HDD and a 1TB HGST HDD for your cpu. Both have warranty left.

I'd probably interested in the red, but I actually have a couple. Thank you though, I am interested in most electronics like headphones, phones, computer parts, drives, and even movie/game codes.
I can also offer you a Roku 4, 8 port Cisco switch and a GeForce GT 710 passive cooled video card.

Pm me, let’s deal.
Sorry, been a bit delayed in responses. I actually have a Roku Streaming Stick+, the switch I would have to pass on, I like the GT710 but would more than likely use it for a build with the 2200g. I am still interested in trading.