FS: Quake Champions Pack

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Dec 2, 2013
I've got one Champion's Pack for sale that you can redeem through your AMD account. Asking $10 via PP. Heat is under the same name. Thanks!
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I'm assuming this is just an addon to the game?

Wondering the same as well.

This basically "unlocks" the full game. The game is free-to-play, but restricts you to a single champion (Ranger), forcing you to unlock others and grind gametypes in order to unlock all the content. So in comparison, Steam and Bethesda are charging $30 for the same package that OP is offering.

I would consider this an amazing deal ($8 vs $30 via Steam/Bethesda) if it weren't for the game being so goddamn broken. I've been participating in duel tournaments and this "Quake" title has been getting nothing but flak from almost all professional players. Casually, it's fun to play, but it is quite the fuckup on Bethesda's part to even consider it eSports-ready this early on.
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