FS: NEW Macbook Pro 16 + Ember coffee mug $1,900


Dec 8, 2008
I bought this for my GF (now fiancée) this two weeks before Xmas. She opened the box and said it was too big. *She is currently using a 13'' macbook. So, I'd rather sell it and get what she "really" wanted (a purple bed). It has never been turned on or registered and has 1 year of apple care. I'm also including as a gift an Ember coffee mug that I received from the holiday but not going to use. Both are brand new never used.

FS: NEW Macbook Pro 16 + Ember coffee mug $1,900
i7 / 16GB / 512GB / Sliver
Ember coffee mug




FS: NEW Macbook Pro 16 + Ember $1,900

PM for any questions
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Got an adjustable split-king nectar for Christmas. I love it, it's like having an entire bed to myself. (wife loves it too)
Just in AZ for a conference downtown, it is nice 60-70F - vs Michigan -0 and a foot a snow. Bump, buy this so I can buy a bed!
What you recommend?
I bought a Serta iComfort and it’s by far the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on. I basically went into the bed store and laid on every single bed until I fell asleep on one and that was the Serta iComfort.

Purple beds are awful. They’re all marketing. I tried one of their pillows and it was the worst pillow I’ve ever tried. It weighed a ridiculous amount for a pillow and because of the weight, it would always side down my mattress ... and most importantly it wasn’t comfortable at all. Finally tried the bed that a friend had and it was just as bad, if not worse, than the pillow.
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dont get the wife... have one... you get the idea.
the purple beds are fine but there are just as nice ones for cheaper.
nice deal though GLWS.