FS: Macbook Pro 2017 13" Touchbar, BNIB Sennheiser HD6XX


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Oct 12, 2011
Need to unload these things. Not looking for trades unless you have original SNES JRPG games in their original box with all of the inserts.
If you want to make an offer that might be a lowball, please do it over PM.

I prefer Google Wallet, Venmo, or Amazon Payments, rather than PayPal. But I will take PayPal if its your only option. More pictures of items can be found here:

Macbook Pro 13" 2017 w/Touchbar
8GB RAM, 512 SSD, 3.1Ghz i5

Only imperfections are a minor scuff on the edge of the outer lid, and barely visible scratches on the metal consistent with normal use. This laptop had the keyboard replaced by Apple, it should have the newer membrane keyboard, if it means anything. Works really well, we replaced it with a 15" model. Comes in original box. Asking price:



Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX
Bought these as spares for my HD650. I have since realized that my 650's will probably outlast me, and so will these.
They are brand new in box. These go for $220 + Shipping on Massdrop, and you have to wait a while to get them. I can send them to you this week for
$200 shipped

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ugh. i want those headphones SO bad. GLWS
Adding a Mavic Pro Fly More combo. Drone is in mint condition refurbished (was new when I received it, flew it 3 times since then and works perfectly) batteries are in good condition and hold a good charge, all accessories and boxes included, carrying bag has seen better days but works fine.

$700 shipped. I’ll add pics when I get home before selling it if anyone is interested.

I’m going on a work trip on Monday so anything bought before June 1 will have to wait till that day to be shipped.

To compensate, if you buy something before then, on June 1st I will ship FedEx overnight.
Is the Mavic still available? I've been looking at picking up a Mavic Air recently, this has got to be close if not better.
Is the Mavic still available? I've been looking at picking up a Mavic Air recently, this has got to be close if not better.

This is better than a Mavic Air. Its still available but I am on a work trip and wont be back home until June 28 if you are still interested.

What’s the battery cycle count on the MBP?

I can't check now as I am away on a work trip, but the count wont be very high. I will be back home on June 28 if you are still interested.