FS - Google home mini $20, Fire stick, Sony bluray


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Nov 7, 2005
11/5/19 - changing up the listing structure a little to see if it makes a difference, LOL
11/11/19 - PSC is sold

Hey guys.

Cleaning out the closet and here's a bunch of stuff I'm not using. Time to release it back into the wild. My [H]ard brothers and sisters (one assumes) get first dibs. I'll give it a week or two then the stuff hits ebay.

Anyone have questions let me know! I did take pics of some of it but too lazy to upload unless someone demands it.

Heatware is Burticus. Paypal preferred.

Google Home mini (charcoal). Brand new in box (I got two as gifts).
$20 + shipping

other stuff:

Gen 1 Amazon Fire Stick, original box and all accessories like new (power adapter+cord, HDMI cable, remote, etc). Works great. I upgraded to a 4k.
$15 shipped

Sony BDP S390 Blu-Ray player w/ wifi
In decent shape, works fine. Plays BR fine, can do wifi streaming Netflix, etc (but the interface is pretty dated compared to Roku, Fire etc. Can't really recommend as an every day streamer, but can work in a pinch). Has a USB jack on the front that will play your mp4 movies too. This is a good unit for parentals because it still has composite video/audio jacks. Comes with clean remote control and a HDMI cable.
$25 + shipping (USPS flat rate or UPS ground, send me zip code for estimate but likely $10-15)


edit - ok here are some pics, I was bored


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I added pics. I also have like an unlimited amount of super heavy duty server power cords if anyone is interested in that stuff
Roku is sold, updated main thread

It occurs to me that if anyone has cheaper shipping options than USPS and can send me a label, that lowers prices. Food for thought.
How does the amazon fire stick compare to a Roku stick?

One comes from Amazon, the other comes from Roku :) They do the same thing basically except the fire stick is *slightly* geared more towards Amazon Prime Video.... but you basically have the same apps for both (netflix, youtube, plex, Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc etc etc). I use fire stick in the bedroom and travel, on my main TV I have a Roku. Just different flavors of ice cream is all.
Sunday bump. Got lazy for a couple days. No one is looking at these anyway.