FS: Galaxy S5 Active & S4 Mini (AT&T)

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oChaos Nine

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Apr 5, 2013
Used S5 Active in great condition. Nothing wrong with the phone, just upgraded to an S7. Comes with box, paperwork, charger/cable, and a CaseMate bumper.

Glass is 9.5/10 condition. Only very small minor abrasions at the bottom of the glass under the 3 buttons. Had a glass screen protector on it that eventually cracked in that area and moved around over time to make the marks. They aren't visible unless you're really looking for them at the right angle. Has had a glass protector since day one. I took the broke protector off the day I got my new phone. Normal wear around the plastic edges but nothing major and still looks great IMO.

I will have my wife's S4 Mini - Pink (AT&T) for sale in a day or 2 once she resets it and gets her pics off of it for $50 shipped if interested as well.

Asking $125 SHIPPED (USPS)

S4 Mini - Pink (AT&T) - Phone is in great condition and has very minor wear marks on the back from being in a case. Glass is perfect as she had a glass protector on it up until yesterday. Still has the plastic wrap on the metal sides. Will include box, paperwork, charger/cable, and a Speck Candyshell case.

Asking $50 SHIPPED (USPS)

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