FS/FT: Mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13 i5 / 8gb / 256gb, 4x8gb Vengeance Pro 3200mhz CL14 (2 kits)

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Jul 28, 2011
The parts below came from a rig being parted out, been used a handful of months (built late Nov last year):

4x8gb (32gb total) CMW32GX4M4C3200C14 - 2 kits available - $350 each shipped Newegg Link

MacBook Pro 13" 2014 i5 2.6ghz, 8gb RAM, 256gb SSD:
Bought it from a member here last year and have replaced it with a 2015 MBP 15", so this
one will be sold to recover some of those funds.

Cycle count at 284. Will come with 60w MagSafe 2 charger , extension cable & duck head.

Now, the outer casing is fairly marked up... plenty of scratches that are visible from any angle, along with some dents. The previous owner indicated it fell from their desk about 6mos before I bought it. I've had it working just fine mainly as a couch surfer (close to daily) for the last year and have had no hardware issues.

In addition to the physical marks, the screen does show signs of staingate, which is extremely hard to see when the screen is on (I don't notice unless I'm looking for it). It's not severe, but it is scattered throughout the screen. No cracks or nicks on screen. I confirmed with Apple support it is no longer within window for free repair.

Overall I'd estimate the physical condition to be 6 or 6.5 / 10, or maybe even 7 on a good day. But it functions flawlessly... I've even had it hooked up to a 4K screen on the thunderbolt ports and it worked just fine. Keyboard and touchpad in great shape.

Would like to get $495 shipped.

Would also consider trades... looking for:

Audioengine A2+ (Black) or maybe even A5 if I can make the room...
500gb-1tb NVMe Samsung 970 evo / evo plus

Sold Items:
2950x Threadripper - $695 shipped -> SOLD $660


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