SOLD: eVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra

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Nov 9, 2006

plus shipping method of your choice.

I bought this card from a [H] member, seems only fitting I should sell it here too. This was my main gaming card, got it not too long after they released, and replaced it with a 4090 a couple months ago. So it's well used, but never for mining. Card works, fans work, no problems I ever noticed. vBIOS is up to date. Comes in its original box, though as you can see the box has some ding marks on it.

According to eVGA it has 51 days of warranty left, so enough time that if it is DOA you can get a new one, but basically consider it "out of warranty" particularly given eVGA is going out of the graphics market.

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I purchased this, and Sycraft has been fantastic, quick and attentive to details, gave some tips, and even confirmed my PSU to make sure it wasn't one that this card is known to have issues with. All around very happy, and would be thrilled to deal with them again in the future.
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