FS: Evga GTX 980ti SC+, 2x PNY GTX 780ti, Lenoovo W540 Laptop, i5 4590

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Limp Gawd
Apr 3, 2011
Selling off some of my old computer hardware that is laying around.I live in Sarasota, Florida so if you live on the Gulf Coast you're more then welcome to come pick the stuff locally. I accept paypal and will only ship to a verified address.

Evga GTX 980ti SC+ ACX 6gb Card: $380 shipped (Card was bought in 1/16 and comes with box and all accessories) SOLD !

2x PNY GTX 780ti's Reference Edition Cards: $360 shipped (cards do not come with boxes or accessories) SOLD !

Lenovo W540 Laptop: $520 shipped ( i7 4700qm, 8gb ddr3, 500gb hdd, Quatro K1100m, and 1920x1080p screen, backlite keyboard, extended battery) Laptop is in great condition with little to no signs to use, there is a small scratch on the i7 sticker

Intel i5 4590: $140 shipped (CPU does not come with a box or heatsink, was used in a small itx computer for about 9 months )

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