Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 1, 2005
The Model O mouse was bought in mid December and used for a grand total of a few hours before I decided I hated the way it felt in my hand so I reverted back to my Logitech G Pro Wireless so this thing is practically brand new. I've also got the bungee for it.

The EKWB block is in good shape and sold as is. I flushed it today w/some distilled water to get the old gunk and dye out but there's still a tiny bit of staining inside so if you're anal, you can open it up and do a manual cleaning though I don't really think it's needed (you can prob just use a popular cleaner to do the job).

Titan X Pascal price: $420 shipped or $410 local cash in the Modesto, CA area (we'll meet up at some place to do the sale). CARD SOLD on r/hardwareswap. Just waiting to send it to the buyer.

Model O Mouse: $40 by itself or $50 with the bungee shipped. Local price for the mouse $35.
EKWB 1080 Ti/Titan X Pascal RGB block w/Plexi top and Nickel base: $65 shipped.

Trader requirements: Must be an established trader with solid heatware feedback for mid-high priced items.

Payment methods: Local/Cash preferred otherwise PayPal as usual.

Pics of EKWB block (and salvaged thermal pads if you want them)
2g2E2mJ.jpg Qe8YS3Q.jpg K6Rdbhj.jpg835uryg.jpg

Pics of Model O Mouse
261248_image0.jpg 261249_image6.jpg 261250_Keg6TUp.jpg 261252_receipt.jpg 261257_gloriousO.jpg


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Card has been sold on reddit. Rest of the items still available. I'll be adding Astro A50 gen 3 and an Asus PG278Q 1440p gsync 144 hz monitor to the list of items for sale soon.
always wanted to ask if you ever finished medical school.

cheers from NBR =)