FS: Core 2 Duo based casual gaming rig $TBD / two matched Geforce 280 GTX GPUs $125

The Internal

Limp Gawd
Nov 14, 2004

I'm trying to clear up some clutter / could use some money for some unexpected expenses, so I'm trying to sell off some of my older parts.

I have two matching EVGA Geforce 280 GTX cards (model 01G-P3-1282-RX) I'm currently using in SLI for my backup rig. They are a bit on the loud side, but run most current titles (directx 10 or older mode) in medium to high settings at 30-60fps in 1080p. I can part with the two of them for $125 (or best reasonable offer). I'll pay up to $15 for shipping costs, you pay the rest. I'll be happy to throw in an SLI bridge cable if needed at no additional cost. The 280s apparently still sell for around $300 new according to Google Shopping (though that sounds a bit nuts.)

I also have a Core 2 Duo system built on an Asus P5B Deluxe with lots of RAM in an Antec 900 case, a dedicated GPU, and a 1TB WD Black HDD. The case has some kinda gross looking corrosion (from a spill or something?) that's visible once you open up the panel under the motherboard, and the motherboard has a broken off latch on the PCI-E 16x lane. Otherwise, they are in pretty good shape.

I'll have to update this post tomorrow once I get some free time to plug it back up to check the exact parts / models. Will list asking price after I double check on that stuff. :)