FS: 3900X cpu/2x8gb DDR4 3200/Intel 600p 1TB NVMe/RX 570/ASUS Prime x370-pro motherboard

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Apr 25, 2001
I'm offering the above up for sale to the DC community first since I'm retiring from the scene to concentrate on my Corvette hobby.

I'm looking for $475 shipped for the above combo. The motherboard is a free add-in.
Reason the motherboard is free is because I can't get it to run stable with more than a DDR4 2800 setting. For DC purposes the 2800 setting seems to be just fine. Anyway, the $475 is for the other components.
If you don't like the motherboard you can do what you want with it. It's free. However, it works fine as stated above.
Will ship CPU in motherboard, and fresh install of Win 10 Pro on the NVMe drive, and the RAM in the motherboard box. GPU will ship in its box.

PayPal accepted. Prefer FF or you pay fees for goods purchase.

Ship to lower 48 only.

Heat = DooKey 197-0-0

Deal is for established traders that DC for the [H]

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