French Researcher Gives Smartphones a Finger


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Mar 3, 2018
French developer Marc Teyssier developed a robotic finger that plugs into the USB port of your phone. "MobiLimb" can crawl across a desk, wave when notifications arrive, receive finger gesture messages, or "stroke the user's hand." Marc built a Unity application to rapidly prototype gestures on Android, and he notes that reactions have been interesting.

You can check the finger out in the video here, which is technically safe for work.

He told the BBC people generally found the finger creepy or weird because it was so unusual, but hoped it would be "accepted" in time.
So he built an autonomous french tickler?

I can see this being popular in a certain crowd; I wonder if the designer is ready for That?


He should contact the Sex robot companies; I can see this being a hit. :)
There are quite a few doctors in my family, and so we have heard loads of stories of things pulled out of body cavities. Can't wait to hear stories on this!!
Vibrate isn't enough? So now I'll glance over and see what looks like a co-worker groping themselves?

"Sorry man, just really popular today"

Robotic sex toys are inevitable, hell the Japanese probably already have some.

If this comes to market, people will be inserting it into every orifice...

Automatic nose picker!

-3D mapping technology
-Precise Extraction
-Quick Clean Mode
-Gentle Touch

Only $299
So, finally a device to simulate human contact for those who cannot get their faces out of their phones. WOOT!

Next they will have a device to mount the phone to thier faces,....wait.....oh snap!
This animated gif is much more useful than this product.
look what I can do.gif