Free stuff for [H] DC members only

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Lots of CPUs:


These are extra spicy chips, so Google the code to see what it is



6128 x4

Let me know which one you want. Must prove you're a [H]orde member.
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If only I had some gear to put them in I'd take you up to help in sprints and the like. Very generous :)
Yes Skillz

mmmm, CPUs.

Edit: err, except the G34. I have enough of those
That is really nice of you. Those are some great chips for someone who needs to upgrade their DC crunchers.
Most of them were given to me so I am just passing them along to someone who could use them for the team.
Doing a dual QEYA is inviting. Need to find a cheap motherboard and ram....

The QDBW looks to be only single socket support.
I'd be interested in a single QDBW. Should make a nice low power cruncher.
The QDBWs look to be dual socket, if i'm not missing anything?
QEYX x2 sounds not bad and fit my power limitations ... but as a constant background cruncher and driving two GPU sounds not too bad ... problem: overseas ...
I could use the E5-2683 v3 you have there, but I live in Denver.. and not going to be in the NC area anytime soon.. :(
Dual socket support in early ES can be spotty - not sure specifically for that one.
Sweet procs and super generous of you man! Those QDBW ones are early and uncommon - may or may not work as a dual setup. Hard telling unless you can find someone who has tried with that specific stepping. More often than not though, many who jump on ES are enthusiasts trying them on single socket boards, not as many trying them in dual socket boards. I'm running dual ES procs on my personal Precision T7910 though. :D
We are about to try out those QDBWs and QEYAs.

Plan is to use the most performant set of the two, and put the other up for other [H]orde members to grab as Skillz is doing now.

Edit: Current dibs on the set i don't end up using is to MGMCCALLEY
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Sounds like a great opportunity to switch to team [H] and help us out with the Pentathlon coming up in a few weeks.
Skillz Your 2 low power Xeons - any takers?

16c/32T @ ~110w would fit into my current rigs with <1600w PSUs.
Gotta be specific. Never used them. So I don't know.

If you mean the pairs, they're accounted for already.
You were gonna send me:


The QDBWs are reputed to not being 2P, so on account of that likelihood i'll drop the QEYAs. I'll send the QDWBs over to MGMCCALLEY. I'll be sending him my Pentium G4400s/4560 too. Right now, I've got the board / ram / HSFs in hand to make this happen.

The QEYXs I can work in to any of my <1600w rigs. Should be up in about a month or so.
No prob, thanks for replying. I actually want to get back into DC for the [H] sometime soon. That's why I would love a 6/12 X.
No prob, thanks for replying. I actually want to get back into DC for the [H] sometime soon. That's why I would love a 6/12 X.

We got a 3 days Sprint happening in about 45 minutes. We could use some extra help no matter what you currently have.