Free Metro 2033 on Steam

I bought it for $5 and still haven't gotten around to playing it. :(
This just confirmed it that this game must be as horrible as I imagined. :rolleyes:
Give it a try and see what you think. Hardware-wise, it tried to be like Crysis and "push the envelope." However I'd say it ended up not really looking all that great and just threw a bunch of poor-running DX11 features at us just to do it. The fact that vsync is off by default and offers no toggle should give you an idea of what to expect.
It's playable with details turned way down and vsync left off...but then it doesn't look very good.
As a game, I'd say it's okay, but I got sick of it after an hour or two.
Bought the game last year or something. Steam says I've played it for 57 minutes. Atmosphere was nice but it's pretty fugly, runs like crap and the gameplay reminded me of STALKER. If it only had fluid movement and nice shooting...
Game runs fine just turn off advanced depth of field. Grab a nice weapon early on and sell it and buy as many air filters as you can. Stealth is fun, I recommend the arrow weapons as you can reuse the ammo. Love this game.
There's some sandy vags up in here. :rolleyes:

Some could get free money and still complain about it.

As for free Metro, the game is awesome. Maybe some are just too used to the jungle/outsoorsy settings of other games to appreciate the creepy underground.
Never got around to buying this.

But I'll take a free game anyday. Downloading in Steam as we speak.
surpised how wel it ran on my sig.
quite a unique experience... i wouldn't compare it to stalker at all gameplay wise....
Don't have a facebook account nor do I plan on getting one...
someone like them for me and pm me a code.

I am lazy. :p