Frankenstein HTPC


Jan 21, 2006
Well I might as well put all of my parts laying to good use. Like a few others, when the i7 2600K came out, I jumped on it. I figured it was a good time to play around with the 1155 socket. My wife's "aging" computer consists of an Asus 775 socket motherboard, Q6600 and 4gigs of DDR2 1066. I figured I could use her internal parts as a HTPC for our gym room. Pretty basic as far as HTPC's are concerned. Most of the time, I would just play MP3's or watch a movie while I was running on the treadmill. Since it will be located in my home gym area, acoustics / fan noise are NOT a big concern for me (weights slamming, music pumping, tons of manly weight lifting grunting going on)..haha. You get the picture!

My wife just told me that I had BETTER NOT TOUCH her computer! She is happy with it and it is plenty fast for her. After a explaining what I wanted to do, her final answer was still "DO NOT TOUCH MY COMPUTER".. hahaha! So, it looks like I will be building a frankenstein HTPC with my current internal parts. Once the rest of my 1155 parts come in, I will dismantle my 1156 setup that I am using now. I know some parts are overkill but it's the only parts that I will have, laying around! So, I am looking for a few suggestions on HTPC cases and preferably a decent modular PSU. The case needs to be able to support a full atx board. I am not trying to spend more than $150 (but I'm see a nmediapc 6000 for $79 that has caught my eye)!

Parts that I already own for this HTPC build:

Intel i7 860
Gigabyte P55-UD4P mobo
GSkill DDR3 2000 ripjaws - (2 x 2gb)
WD 640gb HDD w/ Windows Vista Ultimate x64 already loaded on it
EVGA 8800GTS 640mb video card
LG bluray / cd-dvd drive
OLD Westinghouse 42" 1080p LVM-42w2
Pioneer 5.1 500w receiver (with SPDIF input.. no hdmi)
5 - speakers and an old Aiwa 8" powered sub

The only things I really need to "buy" is a HTPC case and a power supply. I will NOT game on this computer, no overclocking and my internet surfing will be at a mininum. I might even be interested in underclocking if that would help reduce my heat output without effecting playback. I understand this is [H]ard|Forum but I feel my parts are overkill for this build. Suggestions?
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An i7 for a HTPC? And I thought my AMD 5200 was overkill... But seriously, depending on the software and what you want to do with it, take a look at XBMC with their new AppleTV2 software. $100 bucks for the hardware, free software, and a slick interface. Run it 24/7 for a year on about 10 bucks in electric too. But unless you plan on gaming, encoding, or something intensive like that, I'd save the i7 for something else.
NMedia PC, antec and silverstone make nice HTPC cases

You do know you posted this in the gallery sub forum right?
Ugh.. you know, you're absolutely right. OK, I'll stop with my ranting and raving about HTPC parts / suggestions. LOL, I will get my HTPC built and just be sure to snap some pics of it! I appreciate the heads up.