Frag-Harder Digital Lemonade


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May 18, 1997
We have seen a lot of devices that are being developed to send "physical" items digitally through your internet connection. Some researchers from the National University of Singapore have been working on sending lemonade digitally with the goal of being able to send a whole host of cocktails in the future. Uh....OK. A lot of you will be happy to know that Frag-Harder lights are going to a good use finally. Check out the video.

Ranasinghe and his team used an RGB colour sensor and a pH sensor to capture the colour and acidity of a freshly poured glass of lemonade. This data was sent to a special tumbler in another location that was filled with water. An electrode around the rim of the tumbler mimicked the sourness of the lemonade by stimulating the drinker’s taste buds with a pulse of electricity. LED lights replicated the colour.
.......and there are places in the world where people don't have food to eat or fresh water to drink......

technology...and money.....wasted.......
The idea of this is good in theory...ability to taste junk foods without actually ingesting the calories. I have to wonder how well it would work with other foods or drink, though.
so plain water is lemonade?

that's great if it kills our addictions to flavoured sugar water.
Mmm. Virtual food.


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