Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

My 8600GT is not cutting it... and Christmas for my 5 year old has decimated my computer fund (not to mention HD prices....)
Because my 8800gts is old and dying! Have to bake it every couple weeks till I can afford a new one. It's horrible :( Plus never tried Galaxy before, curious as to how they are.
ive been running amd/ati cards for the past 4 or 5 years and it would be nice to have an Nvidia card to compare my current card against.

i play [H]ard pick me!
To make games moar shiny. Why else would one want a high end video card? :D
because 702 other people on this forum have said they would like one as well.
I would like to win to finally crush my lifelong string of losses in contests.:D
My precious....with one card... to update my old dusty one..and in this rule all of my games!
I want the card because my Radeon 4870 is starting to show its age. It can't even do DX11! :eek: How can I play Arkham City? I mean really play it?
I'd like this card because Nvidia is the only camp still fully supporting traditional methods of AA, I've all but given up on the other guys.
I'd like a new Galaxy video card so I can play new games with silky smooth framerates on the highest possible graphics settings.