Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Would love a Galaxy 580 to help max my framerate in BF3 for Back to Karkand..these new maps are causing havoc with my 6870's
Want to try out surround display but my current vid card won't cut it for newer games.
Well, my birthday is on the 17th, and I don't think any friends are going to buy it for me as a replacement to my 9800gtx that's been dying.
I'd like to have the card as I think I'd like to be able to try doing something with multiple monitors besides hooking an extra one up like I have now and hoping for the best. Plus it'd be a hoot if I could actually be selected to win something after years of trying...
My old GTX 480 burned out :( I've had a pretty miserable year of moving 1400 miles , dealing with death in the family and barely being able to pay my bills (and having some shut off) but despite that keeping a positive out look.

All I really want for Christmas is to play my games the way they were meant to be played and try to start off the New Year the right way :)

(sorry about the heavy stuff , just wanted to get some off that off my chest)

Cause I want that 580!!!!

Thanks Galaxy and Thanks [H]ardocp as always for giving back!!
I want to win because the 580 is awesome and better than what's in my family's PC!
Well, If I'm going to try and win something, I might as well shoot for the top and try for a Galaxy
I would love to win a top of the line nvidia video card from a top of the line vendor like Galaxy
i want i can save my money for buy her a DSLR
i'd like one because it's awesome and i'd be glad to replace two of my crossfired hd4850s