Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

This is the kind of Christmas card I'd love to receive!

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
Winning a 580 would allow me some monetary headroom to move off my Q6600/p45/ddr2 combo.
I'm currently a college student, so I can't really afford to buy this card myself. This would make a great holiday gift :)
My 8800 gtx isn't cutting it anymore and I need a new card to own noobs with :D
I'm going to be building new a pc soon and a Galaxy 580 mdt would be so sweet. I'm really digging the looks of the card.
If I happen to win, send it to Vaulter98c. I think he earned it.
Thank you for your service sir.
A galaxy 580 would be such a nice upgrade from my galaxy 9800gt which has served me well.
Oh, the things I would do if I had this me play BF3 with everything cranked up :)
Wouldn't mind giving the green team a shot again, and I'd have an excuse to do a massive Sandybridge build around the new card :D
It be a great way for me to take gaming to the next lvl with dual displays and I could give my old card to my nephew for christmas.
Thank you Kyle, Galaxy and [H]ardOCP for making this happen!
Merry Christmas and [H]appy Overclocking to all!
I could definitely use a new Galaxy video card as my son knocked my 6970 off of the counter and knocked a few pieces off of it. Unfortunately it can't be RMA'd, so here I sit :)