Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Dear Galaxy Santa,

I wish for a 580 MDT for Christmas because I would like to get rid of my HD6970 video cards and move to a nvidia chipset. Also, I wish for world peace.

Merry Christmas!
Because Galaxy stands apart from the others through cutting edge innovations.
It's a pretty big upgrade to what I run now (460 GTX).

Merry Christmas, and Happy new year! :)
I could really use a great card to help with both productivity applications and be an absolute beast for gaming too. Play hard, Work hard - the way a great graphics card SHOULD be!
you could search the universe and not find better quality than from Galaxy! :)
Finally... a fast card from the green camp to develop and test cross-platform GPU applications on.

Maybe? Unlikely?
I need a new system! The 580 would be a great start.

Happy New Year to all at [H].
i want a galaxy video card cause it will look pretty on my motherboard.
I finally got a 2560x1600 monitor and it's killing my old card. 580 would be a nice step up.
would love to test this against my 6870 just to see how well it handles bluray playback from one screen to another.
Because my 6950 has not satisfied me, I want to switch back to nVidia, and Galaxy seems like the best of the bunch. :cool:
First time poster, Long time lurker, figured id try a contest and start being active on the hardforums.... always see the start folding today and win this! ..... Well here i am starting. Still rocking some 9800gt's in sli.
I'm finally going to do some upgrading. My 4890 is way past its prime and the new system should be able to take advantage of the 580 MDT. If I win I won't kill any spiders until my next video card upgrade.
I used to have a Galaxy 9800, it was the coolest looking card, and Galaxy support was AWESOME to deal with. Now I have 1 6850 (sold my 570 for money), and I miss the Nvidia smoothness and goodness when using CryEngine 3, Photoshop, 3ds Max, and more at once.