Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

The next card will be awarded to me; I apologize that I am late. I am an intellectually superior God-like entity whose prowess regarding all tasks far exceeds the ability of ordinary beings. While the remainder of humanity spends their days interminably mired within the depths of an incurable fugue of ignorance and stupidity, from which such sorry, sullied souls have no hope of extrication, I recline comfortably atop the high seat of indomitability. Incessantly trouncing half-brains the whole world over, I am repeatedly assailed by the selfish, thoughtless assertions of others, the purpose of which is merely to reduce the cognitive dissonance of their pitifully inept, useless brains.

Clearly, I require a new video card to assuage the tyranny of the day-to-day.
I want to game on my TV, but the PC in that room connected to it has a terrible GPU in it.
I want a Galaxy GTX 580 because it would be a nice upgrade from my current Galaxy GTX 560 Ti.
in it to win it!

cause my 460 is tired and I want Skyrim in ULTRA!

can I win, please?
College student and broke, need better card to play with the higher demanding graphics of EVE Online. :(
Needed for replacement of the very very very very very old x800. Starting new system build one part at a time.
My doctors tell me I will not live much longer unless I get a GTX 580 video card for my rig.
I just saw the Muppet movie, so I can see that being green with an Nvidia Galaxy card might be the way to go.
Well I just got married 3 weeks ago and now with Christmas coming up I have no money to replace my ageing GTX 260!!

I'd love a new card. Get me away from the wife! Honemoon's over! :p