Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Broke Architecture graduate in desperate need of an upgrade. Having this sorta thing would not only increase my work load 10 fold but save me times on renders too.
Just rebuilt my whole system except for the video card which I could not yet afford. This would come in awfully handy.
Because i want a graphics card that I can that is powerful enough to game in multidisplay, not just pretend to be able to do so.

I am about to complete what will now be three builds and another coming up in March. There are many options out there but I am specifically interested in one for high end video editing with a hint of gaming. This card would suit the build perfectly and would love to receive it.

Good luck to everyone!

Thank you Galaxy! I sell you all day at Microcenter hahaha.
building my mom a comp using my old parts and my current vid card ... a new one would be nice so my system has something to call his own
Because I'm running a single GTX 260 with a 2600k setup. My gaming performance potential is massive, but I don't have the money for any more upgrades thanks to the medical bills from the birth of my second son (even with insurance).
I need the new video card because I am behind the times and too cheap to buy one myself. Is that honest enough?:rolleyes:

Because I'm a facetious bastard, whom never takes these compeitions seriously, as I never win.