Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Because my old 260 can't cut it in new games. and because I want to experience what a Galaxy product is like, not having owned one before. Also, I want to use MDT technology to explore multi-screen possibilities for the first time.
Galaxy 580 MDT!!!! I got 4 monitors with your name on them! Would be amazing to play my games on. performance and awesome display
Because I'm still gaming on HD3850 AGP card... yes I have a 6950 that is collecting dust thanks to Antec being a d*ck about RMA-ing my DoA PSU.
I want this graphic card because I could upgrade my old card in my current system. And I just had a when I do have time for games, I want it to be the best experience ever. Sounds like I can only do that on a Galaxy Card! :D
it's fster then my current card.... faster video card = higher FPS = win ^^
would really appreciate a video card to donate to a budget build for my brother, if not he has to live with integrated graphics.
It's time for an upgrade! I just finished Quake 2. Now it's time to play some newer games from my backlog and a new card would be wonderful to use!
My GTX 260 just doesn't cut it anymore, and I've been scared of standard GTX 580's cause they stick tiny heatsinks on them and don't cool that well without turning into a tornado, this videocard though seems absolutely perfect
I want a Galaxy video card because I was planning on building a system for my gf, and this would save me a bunch of time and money!