Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Currently running a 4870, I would love to have a new card to turn on all the goodies. I might even be pushed over the edge on buying a new computer - you know, stimulating the economy and all that.
I want a Galaxy 580 so I can run 2x580's in SLI. Skyrim is a beautiful game at ultra settings with high end .ini tweaks like increasing ugridstoload, shadows, water texture resolution, and added graphical mods. Unfortunately my 3930K system sometimes gets down to 30 FPS which isn't very good to look at, getting another 15+ FPS or so with SLI'd 580's would make my Skyrim experience all the more awesome.
...because a card like that would go great with that new enermax 750W power supply i just put into my computer. :)
I would like to win this weeks give-away because for a long time I have had a crush on the Galaxy GeForce GTX 580 and I've put off telling it how I really feel. If you give me the opportunity to meet it in real life, I will confess my unending love for it and eventually ask it to marry me. From our marriage I will help produce 4 lovely GeForce GTX 580 Children and will hopefully marry them off to other deserving nerds.

Been using AMD GPU's for the past few years, but wouldn't mind trying something else in my next build.
The reason I need it is because I made the mistake of buying a PNY 560ti OC. First one crapped out within two weeks, my replacement just started dying yesterday after about 3 months of use.
I preordered Battlefield 3 and still haven't even installed it because I want to upgrade my video card first. This would be a nice upgrade.
I have been seemingly good all year, have not been caught for anything i may or may not have done, and with a tight Christmas budget I may not be able to give myself any gift, so maybe, umm i could win?????
Because it will look bad ass in my computer case and I need a DX 11 Card for ARMA 3
Because I looked up into the sky earlier and there was this blimp going by with a huge LED sign that said "THE GALAXY IS YOURS," accompanied by bad 80s synthesizer music. And because I need to know if the performance grass is, er, greener on the other side...
Im lonely. And I need help. This card could me away from such lonelyness.
I want this because I'd have bought this (or something similar) this season had my brother's wife not just given birth to triplets.

All my spare swag-change is going towards presents for the disgustingly cute little boogers now.