Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

I have four monitors and plan to purchase three more for a total of seven video cards. My current card is a EVGA 290 and a Nvidia 9600 which needs replacement. I'd love to win a new card for Christmas!
To replace the old card in my wife's PC so we can play Star Wars:The Old Republic together.
I'm a 21 one year old college student who has to go back and forth from school every day to take care of my 2 younger brothers because both are parents work. i would like to finish the computer Ive been building for them for Christmas and all i need is a new graphics card. having this will cut down on the fighting over other games with the xbox. this will also allow me more time to do homework, and not breaking up constant sibling fighting.
Looking to build a gaming PC soon to replace my temperamental Alienware notebook, and this GPU would be an awesome addition for my plans to take over the world!
To add to my GTX 580 collection! LOL

I don't see any "North America only" or "US only" I'm posting. Unless I'm mistaken...LOL
Everyone should have a good videocard, its simply tragic and a detriment to the enjoyment of the medium to play on sub-par hardware.
yes please!!! My rig is suffering with what I have now and got room for the upgrade but no money for it!!! :D No whamey, no whamey! BIG 580!
I need one because it would be a great upgrade and it would be nice to actually win something for once, lol.
I need a new GPU. My EVGA GTX580 died and I bought it used so no warranty... Being that it's the holidays and I have four kids I don't see a new card in my future for a long long time.

Thanks for the chance a this..
I've got 3 22" monitors that are dying to run BF3 at the same time at high settings!
I am at my finishing stage of education but before joining jobs I want to at least once play games at high settings.
Who doesn't want a new GTX 580!?! I must say the design looked pretty cool at first i though it was a pick of a melted card and then i read further and realized it was just a cool looking design. Multi-display to top it all off AWESOME! I was waiting for for this tech to start hitting Nvidia cards!
This would make for a great birthday present! :D Who wouldn't like a top of the line GTX 5 series card?