Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

I don't normally enter these drawings, but I'll it this time. The card won't go to me. It will go to a system that I'd like to build for my nephew, my sisters son. They are on hard times right now. Their Christmas is going to be very light. My wife and I have stepped up to help them out. My brother-in-law hasn't worked in about 6 months, he's an arborist and worked for a private landscape company and they had to trim down their employee payroll. He got caught in that net. He's going back to school to retrain himself to make himself more valuable in another occupation and taking an odd job here and there, but it's been hard on his ego and self-esteem and we try our best to cheer him up, but he's a proud guy and he refuses to take government charity. My sister has been holding down 2 jobs at the moment and they are barely making ends meet. Like I said, my wife and I have stepped up to help out whenever we can.

My nephew is 11. He is just at that age where he knows what's going on, but there is nothing he can do about it. He sees his mom and dad struggling and feels helpless that he can't help. He's a good boy, he is a fairly quiet kid, but is very creative and artistic and he loves it when he comes over to our house and we play games on my xbox. He's well mannered and does well in school, but he has told me that he feels bad about what is going on with his mom and day and I know that it hasn't been good for them lately. He doesn't have a console and they have since sold a lot of their stuff to pay bills and have really cut back on a lot of things, but what really broke my heart was when my sister was over at my house a couple of weeks ago and she said that they don't plan on having Christmas for themselves this year because they can't afford it, but asked me if I could do something for Joseph (my nephew) or JJ as we affectionately call him. I said I'd build a computer system for him. So I called my brother and we talked about how we could do this, so between us we have almost all the gear necessary to put a fairly nice system for him together.

Then I saw this giveaway because the last missing piece is the video card, so i thought that if i win the drawing that this is where it would go. I can finish it for him before christmas and I can give it to his mom and dad to present it to him as their gift to him.

No kid wants to be forgotten about. All they want is love, affection, and to be told they matter in the lives of their family. Even if this doesn't happen, I urge any and all of you to go find a charity for any young boy or girl and donate what you can to see to it that their Christmas isn't an empty one and that at least there are people out there who even though they don't know who they are they at least were generous enough to see to it that they had a toy for Christmas and some hope that they are not alone. If a toy isn't your thing, then maybe a little bit of your time to volunteer, something, anything to help a kid in need out there. Kids can't control the world of adults they live in and are at our mercy, so please help where you can. Thank you.
Because I would be the best dad in the whole world if I got this for my twin sons :D
I could write a sob story about how I don't have money or I'm giving it to some underprivileged kid somewhere but the truth is that I can't rule the world with the 8800GT in my sig so it needs to go.
Holy crap it's a gtx 580 with quad outputs! Who wouldn't want it lol. Godly looking card.
I want a new Galaxy card because you have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple.
Because Galaxy makes very great video cards and their customer service is top notch. Would be more than happy to have one.
Because I've been a good boy this year I would like a Galaxy video card.

Seriously though, it looks like a kick ass product and my card is getting long in the tooth.
I need me one of these. Currently without a Nvidia card in my house and could use one, for comparative purposes so I can offer sound GPU advice on these forums of course.
Because I want to be a big money baller like Hugh Jackman in Swordfish with his multi display setup.
Looking for a nice green Christmas present. Uhhhh, not that kind of green present but one that fits into my PCI-E slot.
I need a new video card because the one i'm on now is.... 5 generations old.